Les Avants – hike with perfect view on Swiss riviera

If you’re looking for a nice, easy hike with perfect view on Swiss riviera – check out this 5.3-km loop trail near Les Avants. Easy to find and navigate – this hike is considered as moderately challenging. There are enough up and downs to do some sport but you can surely do it with children.ย 

What is the best time to go for a hike in Les Avants with a gorgeous view on Swiss riviera?

I mostly recommend to do this hike in early May because you will have a lot of chances to see plenty of narcissus in full bloom. Once you arrive in Les Avants, you’ll be already surrounded by beautiful Swiss mountains. During the hike the landscape will vary – you will go through the forest and meadows where you’ll surely meet our lovely Swiss cows.ย 

While exploring the forest you will find an amazing view point. A very nice view on Geneva lake from the top. I am living here already 2 years but I can admit that it is one of the most incredible views across all of the Swiss riviera. And if you’re lucky – plenty of narcissus in full bloom on the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

How to get there?ย 

The loop starts in Les Avants, Vaud, Switzerland and is accessible by car or the panoramic train from Montreux.

If you’re looking for other amazing places in Switzerland, check out these mountain lakes: Mountain lakes โ€“ Lac Bleu โ€“ Valais, Switzerland, Mountain lakes โ€“ Lac de Gรฉronde โ€“ Valais, Switzerland

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Lavaux – Swiss Vineyard Terraces, Switzerland

Discover Lavaux Region – Swiss Vineyard Terraces

Lavaux – Swiss Vineyard Terraces

Between Lausanne and Montreux – in french-speaking part of Switzerland you will find one of the most picturesque wine region in the world. Mountains and Geneva lake surround hectares of Lavaux vineyard terraces – which makes the landscape magnificent. Southwestern part of Switzerland and specifically Lavaux vineyards are a part of UNESCO World Heritage. This region definitely deserves a visit and local wine degustation.

Swiss Lavaux region offers approx. 800 hectares of vineyard terraces beautifully situated amongst Central Alps and Geneva lake. It has a deep-rooted history when it comes to wine making. Small villages are inhabited by many families who have been making vine for generations. You can visit one of them, get to know their history and taste their local products. During the season, maybe you can take part in the wine production process? I’m sure you’d love it!

Lavaux – Swiss Vineyard Terraces

Lavaux Vineyard Terraces are not yet well known by tourists who come to visit Switzerland so you will not see big crowds here. But when you think about Switzerland – first ideas are cheese and chocolate, right? Indeed, not many people know that Switzerland excels in producing wine. You would probably ask why? Most probably due to the fact that Switzerland is exporting only 2% of Swiss wine abroad. So it makes it even more exciting to visit Lavaux region and taste Swiss local wine exactly where it is produced.

Best time to visit Lavaux Switzerland

Best time to visit Lavaux region in Switzerland is between May and October.

Pro Tip: Take a glass of local wine in Le Deck – Lounge Bar with a magnificent view

Le Deck Lounge Bar – Address: Rte de la Corniche 4, 1071 Chexbres

You need to always check opening hours before coming, especially outside spring/summer season but it’s totally worth it!

How to get to Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

You can take a car, a boat or a train to get to multiple villages in Swiss Lavaux region. Or to make some sport and hike or take a bike!

If you would like to get to Lavaux region by train: you can take a train to Chexbres-village for instance and walk down through the vineyards.

Lavaux – Swiss Vineyard Terraces

To explore more of beautiful Swiss nature in the area I recommend Mountain lake โ€“ Lac de Gรฉronde โ€“ Valais, Switzerland and Mountain lakes โ€“ Lac Bleu โ€“ Valais, Switzerland

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Mountain lakes – Lac Bleu – Valais, Switzerland

Lac Bleu, Arolla

Arolla, Valais, Switzerland

Lac Bleu – a beautifully situated lake surrounded by mountains in canton Valais, Switzerland. If you are looking for a breathtaking views of the lake surrounded by Swiss mountains – it is a perfect choice. You can admire blue lake situated 2090m above see level after 45 min of hike from La Gouille in the village Arolla. Worth to visit any season – changing colours but keeping its charm. It is a perfect hike even for the kids as the hike is not very demanding.

How to get there?

You can take a train to Sion and then a bus to La Gouille, Arolla. There is a parking if you go by a car.

Next to the bus stop in La Gouille, there is a charming wooden house where you can eat some delicious local Swiss dishes or drink hot wine in winter with magnificent view out of the windows.

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