Azores part 2 – São Miguel green island

São Miguel – one of the volcanic islands in the archipelago of Azores is called also a green island. It becomes quite obvious once you come there – its landscape and greenery is just breathtaking. 

It’s one of the places where you have an impression to be in a different world. What are the most beautiful places to visit on São Miguel? If you missed the first part of best places to visit on São Miguel here you find it: Azores part 1 – São Miguel green island

Cha Gorreana tea plantation

Gorreana is the oldest, and nowadays one of the only two tea plantations in Europe (both are on São Miguel island). In the 19th century, there were 14 tea factories. By 1966 the number had dropped to 5, and only two still survive today. Using a rental car, we took a day trip to the north of the island and visited the Gorreana plantation. You can take a walk along the plantation and visit the factory to learn more about production process. What is important, tea growing on São Miguel is completely organic. There are no fungi or pests that attack the plants on the island, so there is no need for pesticides. No preservatives or colorings are added to the tea either. After the visit treat yourself with a free cup of tea. 

Best sunset view on the beach in Mosteiros 

Mosteiros is a small village located on the amazing northeastern coast of Sao Miguel. The picturesque fishing harbor, and the natural pools known as Poço da Pedra (“stone well”) are the main attractions of this place. Here you will find pleasant dark sand beaches and the most beautiful sunsets we have witnessed on the island. A short distance from the beach there are rocks, one of which resembles a monastery, which gave the place its name.

Piscinas Naturais “Caneiros”

Just outside the village of Mosteiros there is a viewpoint, a beach and natural pools. The pools are located on the edge of the island and the attractiveness of this place depends mainly on the weather. During a warm day, when the water is calm, this place serves as a relaxation zone. Natural pools can also be found in the southeastern part of the island.

Miradouro de Santa Iria

This place is characteristic by its sizeable cliffs where you can admire the waves crashing against the rocks. Definitely worth to visit.

A landscape almost like in Jurassic Park

The eastern part of the island gives us quite a view – as if we suddenly found ourselves in Jurassic Park. If you are thinking about a cool activity for everyone – I recommend mountain biking with Fun Activities – an activity for everyone, as you can rent an e-bike that will help you overcome any hill. And the views are really worth it – you can see the highest point of the island: Pico da Vara (1103m).

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